Aiken County HAZMAT / WMD Team Membership


The Aiken County HAZMAT / WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) Team is a division of the Aiken County Emergency Services Department.

The Team is primarily a volunteer unit composed of a wide assortment of personnel - a fortunate attribute for the Team's function. Members include professional firefighters, EMTs, Industrial Hygienists, Chemists, Engineers, Emergency Preparedness and Hazardous Materials Instructors, industry specialists, and many others. A good portion of the Team has members with extensive radiological experience as well. Each individual's talents, experiences, and training enables the HAZMAT Team to complete its mission.

There are no experience requirements to join the Team. However, either prior to joining or prior to becoming a fully functional Team member, each individual must have successfully completed training equivalent to OSHA 1910.120 "Technician" level. This training is available, like all other training, at no cost to the Team member.

Members are required to have an annual medical examination and drug screening, at the County's expense, as mandated by OSHA and county policy. The physical demands of a HAZMAT response in a Level A, or fully encapsulated suit, are often beyond the capability of many individuals. From this perspective, the Team is constantly recruiting county residents which are physically and psychologically capable to meet the challenges of wearing restrictive chemical protective equipment in toxic environments.

In addition to the HAZWOPER training required by regulations, the Team engages in drills and regular training held during Team meetings as required by Team administrative procedures. This requirement is due to the high level of knowledge each member must have and constantly changing technology. Adequate proficiency in each task is vital for the safety of the entire Team.

Technicians in various types of personal protective equipment

To obtain further information about becoming a Team member or to apply please contact Battalion Chief Ed Schuler directly at (803)646-4207 or email.

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